Monday, February 6, 2012

You Want Me To Do What?

One of my favorite movie lines is, “We’re gonna do what?” It’s interesting how hard we work to do a good job at work, home and at church thinking we are doing what God asked us to do when in reality, we are doing our own thing and are ignoring what God asks us to do. Then, as our lives deteriorate to the point where we have to return to God and say, “Okay, I’m trying to do it myself again, it’s Your turn.” He generously answers and our response is, “You want me to do what?” It’s funny and sad at the same time, how forgetful we are of God’s perfect goodness. I realized part of our problem one day while speaking on the story of Peter walking on water. The Bible says Peter saw the wind and started to sink. Interesting fact, you can’t see wind. You see Peter started to believe in something he couldn’t see, instead of Jesus who was right in front of him. Even though Peter was successful at first, he started to believe in the “what if’s” and took his own path. For us as Christian leaders, we need to take a look at what God is asking us to do and reply, “Yup, I can’t do that, but I know You can.” Look at this blog, for example, why would God choose the stupid dyslexic kid to write anything at all? The answer is simply, so that everyone can see that He did it and not me.  So, where are you at? Are you going to trust in God’s plans or the wind.


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