Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookie Cutter or Leader

Psalms teaches us that we are all delicately and uniquely made by God. 
Ever wonder why organizations crumble due to poor leadership? Well, there are many reasons but one recurrent reason is the ignoring of the fact that God made us unique for a reason. Paul, one of the guys in the Bible, says it best. If we are all eyes, how do we walk, hear or feel? Human nature, however, is to work with or hire people that are just like we are. This way we don’t have to waste our time trying to understand them and unfortunately, it  is easier to manipulate them. If we can’t get someone like us, then it is our nature to get someone we can mold “into” us. In essence, we are just cutting out cookies that look like us, with our same strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings. This leads to our strengths being amplified, along with our weaknesses and shortcomings. The bigger the organizations the bigger the amplification and the weaker the foundation of the organization. It may look good on the outside but it’s ready to collapse at any time. 

Each of us has to make a conscience decision not to fall into the trap of being a cookie cutter, but a true leader. Someone who picks unique people who’s strengths and weaknesses complement each other. By doing this, strengths are built upon and weaknesses are compensated for. This is not the easy road, it takes hard work and grace, selflessness and honesty, teamwork and forgiveness. This road requires servanthood as a leader, caring for and encouraging a group of unique people who God created. As group of people who God designed to work together with a common purpose, goal and character. Who are inspired by a leader by a leader who doesn’t cut cookies, a leader who understands that we are made different so that we can work together.


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