Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Beginning

The concept of 241 ink is approaching 20 years in the making and has undergone many changes. Throughout these changes the mission has always remained consistent: to provide people with the tools, vision and motivation to be servant leaders anchored in Christ. Today starts a new chapter in the story of 241 ink and the lives of myself and my family. I recently was working on a sermon for church when I was confronted with the command that Jesus gave to Peter, Andrew, James and John where He simply says,”Come and follow me.” Now, it’s not that I haven’t been following God’s calling for my life, but the best way I can explain it is that I’ve been along for the ride wherever God has wished to take me for the last 20 years. In fact, that’s where the concept of 241 ink came from. But in the last couple of weeks, the call to follow Him in a whole new way is becoming very real. This doesn’t mean that I’ve got a clue where God wants me to go, I just know I need to start following Him on a new path. This website is a project that has been on the drawing board for over 6 years and I have been too busy helping other people minister. That, in itself, is not wrong, but now God is calling me to do the ministry that for years I’ve been helping others to do. I completely understand the position that Peter, Andrew, James and John were in, when they were called to leave a profession they were good at and jump in with both feet to become something Jesus would make them: fishers of men. Here is what I do know: in my short 35 years of life, God has consistently and faithfully shown me the path that He wants me to travel and has taken me to places and allowed me to minister to people that I never would have sought out on my own. I would be lying if I said this new journey isn’t a little scary, but the excitement of what God will do definitely outweighs any fear.


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