Monday, February 6, 2012

It's About Needs

Jesus said, “if they’re hungry, give them something to eat, thirsty give them something to drink, naked give them clothes. What you do for them, you do for me.” One early Christian leader said, “if they’re hungry, you can’t teach them.” There are a lot of churches and ministries who are struggling with sharing the Gospel with anyone today. And if you listen to many Christians, “the world is lost and God needs to come back right now and get us out of here because the world is going to hell faster than we can save it.” This is just sad. Over the last year, Kirsten and I have talked to a lot of different people, who would be considered unchurched by many, but who really want to learn about God. The trouble is they can’t find a church where they feel comfortable or where their spiritual needs are met, even though they don’t know what those needs are. Through multiple conversations and building relationships with these people, the need that isn’t being met is someone who will not give them all the answers, but who is there for them and will say “it’s okay.” That someone who they can call 24/7, who will listen, cry and laugh with them. That someone who will watch a ball game, go fishing with or go on a walk with them. The need that is not being met by churches is friendship. If we are not willing to put in the time needed for fostering a friendship with someone who is seeking out God, then how and why do we expect them to care about our God? Why is it that we have a solid understanding of the needs in our own lives, but are unwilling to take the time to truly understand the needs of the people whom we have been called to serve? It is our responsibility to care about those who God puts in our life.  It is time for us to stop assuming what people’s needs are and start taking the time to let those we encounter tell us what their needs are so we can meet them where they’re at.  This is not just our opinion, but we have seen thousands of lives changed because someone cared enough to care.


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