Monday, February 6, 2012

He Uses Our Heart

I was working with a client a few years back, on a youth conference, when he stated, “Well, you know it takes a minimum 24 moving lights to have a worshipful experience.” I was under the impression that whenever people gather together to worship, God is there. There are no technological requirements, literary requirements or ritual requirements. All He wants is us to worship Him. We, however, have a hard time grasping how perfect God is; so we continually try to help Him. We start placing requirements on worship to ensure that worship happens: the right prayers, readings, songs, song styles, locations and approval from the right people to do so. I’m guilty of trying to plan the perfect event; putting hundreds of hours in so that God can work, then He reminds me, “You know better than that.” It is our responsibility to take out the noise that we have put into the message and plans that God has for us. It needs to be our goal for an event or gathering that people can see, hear and experience God, not the lights, sound, eye catching video, great speaker or phenomenal programming. We need to allow God to use us as tools, so that people can see how He works, hear His promises, and experience His grace; not only through the event, but through our actions as well. This means that we impact the people that come to our events and the people who are involved in putting that event on. God uses what and how we do things to demonstrate to others what He has done in our own heart. When we do it our way, people see us. When we do it God’s way, they see Him. 


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