Monday, February 6, 2012


A leader: 
  1. 1.Understands their first and greatest priority is to their people.
  2. 2.Grants authority that is equal or greater to the responsibility given.
  3. 3.Fairly applies criticism and encouragement to better their people, building them up, never tearing them down.
  4. 4.Clearly defines expectations that are realistic for that person’s ability and the project at hand.
  5. 5.Supplies the resources needed to achieve responsibilities with pride.
  6. 6.Inspires people to use their strengths and to rely on others for theirs.
  7. 7.Expects more from people than they think they can give, but not more than they are capable of giving.
  8. 8.Knows how to laugh and never takes themselves too seriously.
  9. 9.Understands the relationship and application of grace and justice.
  10. 10.Protects their people no matter what the cost.

God, help me be a leader that is a reflection of You for all to see. A leader who leads with fairness, integrity and grace. Take away my pride and replace it with humility, filling my heart with compassion and understanding for those who I lead. Grant me the wisdom needed to make difficult decisions that are not popular but that are right according to Your Word. Allow me to lead in a way where You can use me to change lives as only You can. Amen.


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